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Relationship Counselling for Young Couples in Pune

Romantic relationships come into a person’s life as they enter their adolescence, or as we popularly call it ‘teenage’. But during the teenage, the distinction between love and infatuation is not clearly understood by the teenagers. The idea of love starts formulating during the time of early adulthood.

During the early adulthood, one goes through a lot of transitions in personal life and romantic relationships can be one such change. Relationship counselling at this age, makes this new chapter easy for you to understand.

Knowing how important it is to guide young couples through the newness and the challenges in their romantic relationships, WAITT has initiated relationship counselling for young couples. With best and highly knowledgeable counsellor onboard, we provide the best counselling for young couples. We provide in-person relationship counselling in Pune.

What is Relationship Counselling for Young Couples?

‘Adulting is tough’ is what we hear a lot nowadays from the young generation. In the process of adulting, they are having hard time being young because of the responsibilities they have to shoulder. Romantic relationship can be one such responsibility, because the definition of romantic relationships has changed in current generation.

Some couples are clear about what they want in their relationship and how serious they are with one another. Some view romantic relationship as short-term plan, others may consider their relationship to transition into marriage. In some relationships, the couples themselves are not on the same page. Young couples might find it hard to communicate their view of the relationship with their partner and that is when misunderstandings may start arising.

Relationship counselling helps the young couple to understand what their wants and needs are from the romantic relationship. This helps them to understand their stand as well as their partner’s stand in the relationship.

Our Areas of Specialty in Relationship Counselling for Young Couples

For young couples, it can be overwhelming to talk about their relationship with a counsellor because they might think whether the counsellor will understand them or not. But this thought shouldn’t let them take a step back from counselling.

Here’s the areas of specialty of our relationship counsellor which will help the young couples to understand the counsellor better:

Why Do Young Couples Need Relationship Counselling?

With young couples, there can be a lot of confusion, distress when it comes to romantic relationships. In today’s times, there can be seen that a casual approach is also opted by couples or by one of the partners when it comes to romantic relationship. That’s why, mainly young couples may require relationship counselling to understand how much they are invested in the relationship and to set their expectations from their partner in a realistic way.

Apart from that, the young couple may need counselling for following reasons:

When to Get Help for Young Couples relationship Counselling?

The most important cue for starting relationship counselling is distress. If the couple feels that they are not happy or are continuously stressed regarding their romantic relationship, then that would be the right time to opt for counselling. Even if one partner feels this way then they can opt for couple’s counselling along with their partner.

Along with that, if you and your partner find yourself in a never-ending loop of arguments, miscommunications or feel like you both are not understanding each other well, then that could also be the right time to opt for counselling.

FAQs related to Young Couples Relationship Counselling:

We understand you would have a few questions after reading about young couple’s relationship counselling. To clear your doubts and to help you to get ready for your counselling session, here are a few FAQs related to young couple’s relationship counselling:

Yes, young couples can get into therapy. It is better to get into therapy for couples, no matter how young they are, so that they can get a clear idea of their outlook of a relationship, the kind of relationship they are having currently, and to know about realistic expectations to keep from the partner.

Young couples, getting into therapy, get highly benefitted because it helps them create a foundation of the relationship, and if they have a casual approach towards it, then they are guided for the same to reduce the distress.

Let’s not look at counselling as a ‘fixing’ job. Counselling gives you a clarity, lack of which causes you distress.

Now if a couple is willing to work in their relationship, then the counsellor will suggest a few techniques or tools to help them work on particular area of their relationship.

If the couple is unhappy in a relationship, are not compatible with each other, have tried every possible way to convert it into a happy relationship but couldn’t do it, then in such cases there is no point of making the couple stay together forcefully. Sometimes, both the partners know that the relationship is not working and that it should end, but none of them speaks up. Counsellor then helps such couple to be truthful and transparent with each other and encourages them to find a solution.

There is absolutely nothing that you should hide from your counsellor. The more you open up, the better for the counsellor to understand you.

We understand that a few things are very personal and you wouldn’t want to share them maybe because you have associated feelings like shame, guilt or regret to those incidents but you are opting for counselling to work on the exact same things.

So do not keep anything hidden from your counsellor, and your counsellor is going to be the last person to judge you! So, talk openly.

It is advised that both the partners go for couple’s counselling. However, there might be cases where only one partner feels disconnected or distressed or cases where the other partner is not ready to go for counselling. In such cases, you can opt for ‘individual counselling sessions.’

Looking For Couples Relationship Counsellor?

After reading about young couples’ relationship counselling, do you feel that you and your partner should go for it? Or do you have any friends, family members, acquaintances who could benefit from such type of counselling sessions? Then click here right away and book a session with our relationship counsellor and star your wellness journey now!



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