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Infertility Counselling Service in Pune

In India, according to AIIMS, 10-15% couples face problems regarding fertility. Infertility is caused to due many physical ailments in either of the partners or both the married partners.

Although medical sciences have advanced in today’s age, going through this journey can cause a lot of stress, which is again not good for one’s body as mind and body are connected.

Understanding the psychological impact on infertility and the importance of psychological counselling as treatment for clients having issues regarding conception or infertility, WAITT has launched a special branch of ‘Infertility Counselling’ where we have the best counsellor in the field for you.

Infertility counselling

What is Infertility Counselling?

Infertility is a medical condition in which a couple is not able to conceive a child after a year of trying without any birth controls. There are different reasons for this medical condition, but counselling can help such couples in many ways.

Infertility can have a huge impact on one’s life. Their view of looking towards themselves can also change, moreover the stress of not being able to conceive can spike up to higher level. At such times, counselling helps them as the counsellor provides an emotional support to them and uses different techniques to guide them through this process.

Our Areas Of Specialization In Infertility Counselling

Infertility is a very personal and sensitive topic to discuss and at such times it helps to know whether the counsellor is equipped to handle your case. Hence, here’s a list of specializations of our counsellor which will help you to make a decision about booking your appointment with them.

What Is The Need Of An Infertility Counsellor?

The journey of fertility treatment can be quite an emotional one. At such times, not only the women, but also men need a space to talk about it. An infertility counsellor provides that space and a support which family members or a friend might not be able to give.

Moreover, an infertility counsellor is needed for following reasons:

When To Opt For Infertility Counselling Service?

Counselling sessions can be started on suggestion of your physician, or if you yourself feel that the condition is taking a toll on your mental and your physical health.

Moreover, if you have following symptoms then you can immediately start your counselling sessions- guilt, worthlessness, not being able to concentrate, sleeping problem, anxiety etc.

FAQs Related To Infertility Counselling:

Here are a few FAQs regarding the information on infertility counselling which will help you in understanding the primary goals and needs of it.

Infertility counselling helps you to lower your stress level and focuses on mental wellbeing. So, yes infertility counselling does work in terms of mental wellbeing.

You can opt for counselling if you start having self-doubts, are unable to concentrate on anything but your pregnancy, if you are in constant state of anxiety because of your pregnancy, because of lack of social support system etc.

Infertility counselling can help you to acknowledge and accept your condition as it is. Mind and body are connected, here your physician can help you to take care of your body and your counsellor can help you to take care of your mind and create a balance between them.

This type of counselling helps you at time of decision making whether it is, going for IVF or adoption any other decision. It helps you to get out of the social pressure, helps you to vocalize your thoughts and feelings and help you to come out of thought cycle regarding your pregnancy.

Looking For An Infertility Counsellor In Pune?

If you are looking for an infertility counsellor, then we have made your job easier. Click on- to fine the best infertility counsellor in the field.

You can book an in-person counselling session which will take place in Pune, Maharashtra. You can also book an online counselling session with our counsellor from any part of India!



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