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Best Domestic Abuse/Violence Counselling Service in Pune

According to National Family Health Survey-4, which was carried out in 2015-2016, it was reported that 31% ever-married women faced some kind of domestic violence. The NFHS-5 was carried out in 2019-2020 and it is said that number of percent of domestic violence against women in India has crossed the percentage of last survey.

It is not just women who face domestic abuse, but men to go through it. Even though psychological abuse is one of the sub-types of domestic abuse, all other types of domestic abuse also affect one’s mental health and deteriorate it.

Recognizing increasing number of survivors of domestic abuse, its severity and its impact on mental health; WAITT has taken exclusive steps towards providing the best counseling services for domestic abuse in India. We provide in-person domestic abuse counselling in Pune and online counselling all over India.

Domestic Abuse Counselling

What is Domestic Abuse/Violence Counselling?

There are different types of domestic abuse like physical & verbal etc. In such cases, the survivor can suffer from many mental conditions like trauma, losing sense of self, depression, anxiety etc.

In domestic abuse/violence counselling sessions, the counsellors help the survivor understand about the abuse, if they are unaware about it, and then help them to process the trauma and deal with it in a healthy way.

Our Areas Of Specialization In Domestic Abuse Counselling

Domestic violence is an umbrella term which has many types in it and taking counselling sessions for it is of utmost importance. Here is a list of specialization of our counsellor in the area of domestic abuse which will help you in understanding them better and it will make booking your appointment with them easier.

Why Do You Need A Domestic Abuse Counselor?

Many times, the survivor doesn’t understand that they are being abused. This could be because of the years of conditioning or because the abuse might be in the milder phase. The counsellor helps them realize it and then work on its effects.

Apart from that, a counsellor is needed in the cases of domestic abuse or violence because:

When To Opt For Domestic Abuse Counselling?

You can opt for domestic abuse counselling when you feel that your partner is taking any steps towards the abuse. Most of the times, the survivors start the counselling sessions because they need emotional support.

FAQS Related To Domestic Abuse Counselling

Seeking psychological help for the ones who have faced domestic violence is very important, it can help the survivors in many ways.

We understand that one might have few queries regarding this type of counselling and so here we are with a few FAQs related to domestic abuse counselling.

Yes, with regular and structured sessions the counselling for domestic abuse/violence can help the survivor. The important thing here is the client’s will to come out of the abusive cycle. If the client is not willing to break the cycle of domestic abuse, then the counselling or counsellor, no matter how good they are, won’t be able to help them.

Not every case is same, similarly not all counsellors use the same approach with their clients and hence every client’s experience of their first session can also be different. However, the clients might feel overwhelmed after the first session or might feel good after opening up to the counsellor in the first session. These feelings can be strong, but what one need to focus is their comfort level with the counsellor.

There are different helpline numbers available online to help anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse. Apart from that, one can see a psychologist or a counsellor in cases of domestic abuse and violence and they will guide you further.

The most important preparation that one has to do is making the decision of receiving help and not being stuck in the cycle of domestic abuse anymore.

One has to be prepared to share some personal and overwhelming information with the counsellor, but it is important to do so for the process to start and for one to feel better.

Domestic violence is the abuse towards a spouse by the intimate partner. It constitutes physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse and intimidation.

Looking For Domestic Abuse/Violence Counsellor In Pune?

Domestic abuse or violence is a very sensitive and traumatic event that one can face. It is observed that most of the cases of domestic abuse are not even registered, that is the survivors do not come forward to seek justice or help for themselves. It is important to understand that your suffering might increase if you do not take steps to stop it.

We at WAITT are here to help you find freedom from the sufferings of your domestic abuse, all you have to do is take a step in connecting with us. You can visit here and book your appointment with our domestic abuse expert counsellor. We provide in-person counselling in Pune and online counselling all over India.

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