Healing is not a quick fix,
it is a life long journey of returning home.

We, at the Sakal Media Group, have always been at the forefront to take up issues collectively experienced by society at large and fight for them with our immense resources and our enormous and extensive reach.

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Sakal's Mental Health Awareness Initiative

# WeAreInThisTogether

Sakal Media Group which started in 1932, is the largest independently owned media house committed to being the voice of the common citizen across Maharashtra.

Our initiative to serve society through Sakal Social Foundation was started soon after the publishing business was established. Our vision of being a channel to mobilize communities to support each other and build resilience during the time of need.

24*7 Free Helpline support for Mental health and awareness
Team of 20 working professionals in Psychology, mental health
Wide media outreach via the Sakal Media Platform
Webinars from Experts, Sportsperson, successful people, and celebrities, etc.
Mental health conferences, panel discussions, and seminars
Articles from professionals and awareness campaigns
These are unusual circumstances that we are living in today. The coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard in several ways. Besides economic and financial instability, we are also facing an unprecedented emotional crisis. Anxiety, stress, depression, domestic abuse has doubled in the last couple of months. The lockdown has had a massive impact on the lifestyle of people who now have to live with limited resources. Fear of losing their jobs, businesses, earnings, or even basic resources are adding to their emotional and mental distress. Mental well-being is an area that requires massive focus and adequate measures to help people cope up with the current pressures today. And to help communities to get through these troubling times, Sakal has started a series of videos, by experts in various fields, holistic self-care, inspirational talks by our readers and positive quotes to help motivate people and encourage them to help one another, and the campaign is called #WeAreInThisTogether.
As a part of our outreach, we are going to mainly talk about Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Loneliness, and Domestic Abuse and provide holistic measures to help understand and navigate through this crisis. To introduce alternate forms of therapy such as art therapy, music therapy, dance movement therapy, etc. as effective methods to deal with mental health issues and promote emotional well-being. We hope you will join hands with us, in trying to make this world a better place.

Our Core Values

We believe that you deserve a therapist who is not only professional and expertly trained but one who is also motivated by a genuine desire to help you. Selecting the right therapist is critical, and we have done all we can to make that process as easy for you as possible. Our therapists have many different specialties, but as a whole, in short, we believe in saving marriages, in restoring relationships, in individual dignity and the equal value of all people no matter who you are, in personal wellness, in forgiveness, in personal responsibility, in healing people so that they no longer need counseling (and sometimes even medication), and in safe, non-judgmental therapy.

Values-based counseling means that the counselor is always pointing to a better way, meeting the client where he or she is at, and guiding that person towards a higher place: a place of deeper truth, a place of greater meaning. Non-values oriented counseling will simply seek to return the client to a functional level, or simply at a place that is best for them.

While we believe that all people have the capacity within them to change, that does not mean they can always see all the choices before them. Sometimes people are so heavily oppressed by their situation that they genuinely cannot see a way out, or are unable to discern the best possible path. This is where the values of the counselor are critical to effective therapy.