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Relationship Anxiety Counselling Service in Pune

As lovely and romantic the experience of being in a romantic relationship is, it could also get overwhelming and challenging at some point for a few. But why would this happen? Because after all you are with your loved one in this journey, right? There can be many reasons for it, and our counsellors can unfold it for you if you are facing anxiety due to your relationship.

Our counsellors have great experience of dealing with the relationship anxiety and they can guide you by using different and scientific psychotherapy techniques with you. At WAITT, we have the top counsellors and therapists who are highly trained to provide counselling for relationship anxiety.

You can avail our in-person counselling sessions, which take place at our Pune branch.

What is Relationship Anxiety Counselling?

Relationship anxiety can have a mixture of signs that occur in social anxiety that is in both these types of anxiety a person experiences extreme discomfort when it comes to rejection. The anxiety stems up from worry and fear that could revolve around feelings of rejection or loneliness in a relationship.

The person suffering from relationship anxiety may worry about the future of their relationship. They may also question the present situation of the relationship which may come to their mind because of various reasons, and some of the major reasons are- they can feel neglected by their partner (when it might not be the same in reality), they may feel that they are not good enough for their partner, or that their partner may choose someone else over them.

When one is experiencing relationship anxiety, they may seek constant and excessive reassurance from their partner, may self-silence and not express their interest or opinions thinking that their opinions may offend their partner and that might lead to rejection.

Our Areas of Specialty in Relationship Anxiety Counselling

Feeling anxious in a relationship can be an unpleasant feeling. And on top of it, not being able to turn to your partner to discuss this feeling can be more upsetting. That is when a counsellor can guide you to check where is this anxiety stemming from and help you with few techniques to calm down your anxious feelings.

To help you understand our counsellors better, here’s a list of the specialization of counsellors in relationship anxiety counselling:

Why Do You Need Relationship Anxiety Counselor?

Occasionally, one might resist talking to their partner about their relationship anxiety. This could be because they might feel uncomfortable in doing so. On the other hand, even if one has a conversation about this situation, they may not do a follow up conversation with the partner, as they might think that this will irritate their partner, or that they may come off as attention seekers. This is when talking to a counsellor can seem easier and effective. Along with this, having a counsellor to talk to about your relationship anxiety can be beneficial in the following ways:

When to sign up for Relationship Anxiety Counselling?

Ups and downs, feeling insecure, or even being possessive on mild level can be a part of a romantic relationship. And that is okay, only when this happens once in a blue moon and when both the partners handle this with comfort and practicality. This can prove to be destructive if the intensity of the insecurity, feeling unsafe, or anxiety starts becoming uncontrollable. Our body and our senses keep giving us signal of the increased anxiety, so listen to your body and your mind and when you feel that the issues in your relationship are causing slightly more distress, that will be your cue to start seeing a psychological counsellor.

FAQs related to Relationship Anxiety Counselling:

Yes, having anxiety in itself can be confusing. The physical symptoms can be unclear, the thoughts can be puzzling and on top of it, if it is regarding one’s romantic relationship, then it can also get disheartening and discouraging. Amidst this, we understand that the question of whether to start a relationship anxiety counselling can pop up. So, to clear your doubts regarding the relationship anxiety counselling, here are a few FAQs related to it.

The root of anxiety is our ‘thoughts’, both the conscious and the subconscious ones. In cases of anxiety, one may forget that whether their thoughts are real, based on facts, or are they a product of irrationality and overthinking. So, to calm the relationship anxiety, one needs to sit down with their thoughts and check what are they trying to convey. And with help of the counsellor, it becomes simpler to check these irrationalities and work on them.

Also, there are various useful techniques like box breathing, grounding exercises and mindfulness activities which the counsellors can suggest to calm down your anxiety.

Yes, therapy definitely helps with the relationship anxiety. This becomes possible because the counsellor helps you to find out the varying, distressing, thoughts and feelings that you have regarding the relationship and they can guide you in understanding the reality which will help in calming the anxiety.

There is no definite time that one can state. But if the relationship anxiety is not cured, then it may increase with time. And yes, with proper guidance and help, the anxiety can get in control.

Talking to your partner about your relationship anxiety can get overwhelming and uncomfortable. But it is important that you have an open conversation about this with your partner and keep them in loop about your condition and your thoughts. This will help them in understanding you and your anxiety better.

You can also take your partner to your relationship counselling sessions so that both of you can use techniques prescribed by the counsellor and the talk therapy will help your partner to know how you are dealing with your anxiety and how they can help you in dealing with it.

Are you looking for a relationship anxiety counselling?

Are you someone who is suffering from relationship anxiety and is finding it to be tough and draining, physically and mentally? Would you like some professional guidance on how to manage and deal with relationship anxiety? Or do you have friends or family members who could benefit from a relationship anxiety counselling?

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