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Pre-Marital Counselling Service in Pune

The journey from ‘being in a relationship’ to ‘got engaged’ is a very different one. The youngsters between the ages 20-30, who are in a relationship, may have different questions like – ‘Am I ready to get married to him/her?’, ‘He is a good boyfriend, but will he be a good husband too?’

On the other hand, the ones getting into an arranged marriage process may be dealing with their own dilemma. Understanding the views of different family members, meeting different prospects, getting confused about the notion marriage and so on!

Do you resonate with such myriads of questions when it comes to marriage? Then pre-marital counselling might be best for you. We at WAITT, understand the obstacles that the youngsters may face when it comes to marriage, and therefore we bring to you best pre-marital counsellors in the field, who will be your personal guides on this transitional journey!

What is Pre-Marital Counselling?

We are living in such a time where movies influence our thinking. The Bollywood romances, the Hollywood proposals, the marriages in the movies are portrayed in such a way that we think that’s the reality, but it’s not.

Pre-marital counseling helps the prospective brides and grooms to differentiate between the reel and real concept of marriage. Pre-marital counselling helps them to understand what marriage is, why to get married, and the reality of marriage and how it is different from the ones portrayed in the movies.

Pre-marital counselling also helps the individuals to get some clarity while choosing their partners. It also helps them understand their partners and their families in a better way.

Our Areas of Specialty in Pre-Marital Counselling:

The pre-marital counselling area in psychology is not known as it should be and is still unexplored by the youngsters. So, knowing about the areas of specialty of our counsellors might help you to understand this sub branch of counselling in a better way!

The areas of specialty of our pre-marital counsellor are

Why Do You Need Pre-Marital Counselling or Counsellor?

Why do couples need pre-marital counselling? For having a perfect marriage? No. It is so that they can accept the imperfectness that the relationship will bring in future. Pre-marital counselling has its own benefits.

When to Get Pre-Marital Counselling?

Ideally, every individual can opt for pre-marital counselling sessions when they feel that they have reached the age where they can start thinking about marriage, when they feel like they have some mental blockages regarding marriage, when they are confused about this entire institution. In short, pre-marital counselling sessions can be opted by everyone when they are in their 20s.

FAQs related to Pre-Marital Counselling:

Getting married can bring in a mix of emotions in an individual and in a couple. The excitement, nervousness, fear and other mix of emotions are part of this relationship. Pre-marital counselling helps the couple or an individual if such emotions start to overpower them. We know you must have questions regarding such type of counselling and we have tried to answer a few of them to help you understand the pre-marital counselling in a finer way!

You can start pre-marital counselling when you decide to get married. You could start it in early years too to get an idea of romanticism, concept and reality of marriage, how to choose a companion etc.

The counsellor will try to get to know you and your thoughts regarding marriage, partner or other issues that you may have regarding the subject. It will be your safe space to share any information, questions or vulnerabilities that you face. The counsellor, along with listening to you, also guides you on the topic. Pre-marital counselling can be attended individually or as a couple too.

Yes! Today, marriage is not only a social responsibility, but it is more than that. In such times, it is always good have a proper guidance as marriage can be one of the important milestones in one’s life.

You may start searching for counsellors who have the qualifications and experience in pre-marital counselling. After choosing the counsellor, ask yourself whether you are comfortable with them and communicate it with them if you are having any difficulties in opening up to them.

Looking for Pre-Marital Counsellor?

Are you thinking of getting married and have tons of questions or queries regarding marriage? Want to talk to an expert who can guide you well on your voyage called marriage? Then we have got you covered. Go on to https://www.waitt.in/therapy/ to book a session with our pre-marital counsellor!



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