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Individual Marriage Counselling Service in Pune:

When we hear the word marriage, our minds automatically show us a picture of a couple. But after all marriage comprises of two individuals. Two individuals who bring in their own personalities, vulnerabilities, habits etc. Chances are, in marriage, the couple does not suffer any distress but one of the partners does and that is when individual marriage counselling comes in to the picture.

Understanding that the idea of ‘individuality’ in a marriage has been coming to the stage of acceptance, we at WAITT have introduced individual marriage counselling. The sessions are conducted by the best and knowledgeable psychologists in the field and we try to make your counselling journey smooth!

What is Individual Marriage Counselling?

In individual marriage counselling, one of the partners opt for counselling. It could be for various reasons which could be regarding the individual themselves or their partner. In individual marriage counselling, the individual gets a space to talk about themselves, their partner, their family without any hesitation of any other familiar person listening to them.

In this type of counselling, the individual gets the time and space to analyse their own thoughts and behaviour and work on it. It helps them to healthily contribute to their marriage and ultimately contribute in their family as well.

Our Areas of Specialty in Individual Marriage Counselling:

Individual marriage counselling can be viewed as a branch of marital counselling. Here, along with the key concepts of marriage, the counsellor needs to be equipped with the concepts of ‘self’. To help you understand, we have enlisted the areas of specialty of our counsellors in the individual marriage counselling:

Why Do You Need Individual Marriage Counsellor?

Sometimes, only one partner in a couple feels the marital frustration or distress. Other times, the spouse is not ready to get in to counselling. So, if a couple’s counselling is getting difficult to be scheduled, then one can opt for individual marriage counselling sessions.

Sometimes, a partner might not be comfortable in sharing a few things in front of their spouse, or they might not want to vent out regarding their spouse in front of the spouse. At such times opting for individual marriage counselling can help!

Other reasons to opt for individual marriage counselling can be:

When to Get Individual Marriage Counselling?

One can opt for individual marriage counselling whenever they feel frustrated in a marriage, when their emotional and physical intimacy with their spouse has been decreased. Individual marriage counselling can also be opted when one needs to vent out about their feeling and emotions when it comes to their marriage.

FAQs related to Individual Marriage Counselling:

Are you someone who is thinking of opting for individual marriage counselling sessions? Confused about whether it’ll work if you go in individually or not? Will it be effective or not? We understand that you might have many such questions in your mind and it is absolutely fine because you want to be sure about the process.

To help you understand the individual marriage counselling in a better way, we have come up with some FAQs hoping that these will help you in making your decision about getting into individual marriage counselling!

Not at all! Individual therapy or counselling is highly effective. You get your own, personal space to talk about your vulnerabilities, insecurities, things that you do not like about your spouse, things that you wish were different in your marriage and so on. It helps you to understand yourself as an individual, who is not in the role of a wife/husband, daughter/son-in-law or a mother/father. It also helps you to understand your partner as an individual person and that enhances your marital relationship.

Absolutely. Rather, even in a couple’s therapy, if the therapist feels that they need to discuss a few things separately, then they may call in the couple individually. If a couple comes in individually, then they do not have any filter while verbalising their thoughts which helps the counsellor to understand them better individually and the counsellor also gets a chance to understand their thoughts about their spouse, in turn the counsellor can analyse the couple’s marriage in a better way.

Well, there is no comparison between the individual therapy and the couple’s therapy. It all depends on who needs therapy and the factors involved in the marriage. If you are confused about which kind of therapy to opt for, you can take the initial couple’s session, discuss with your counsellor and let the counsellor decide whether you need couple’s therapy or an individual therapy.

Also do keep in mind that you can opt for individual session even if you are having a couple’s counselling session. Both at the same time can enhance the process of counselling if it is required so!

Yes! And that is because marriage counsellors are educated professionals who have scientific knowledge about the approaches used in this type of counselling. Sure, we have friends and family members with whom we share the concerns regarding our marriage, but their perspective can get biased towards you and that doesn’t work when you are trying to find your way through a problem. In marriage counselling, the counselor has a pure, unbiased perception which helps them to be non-judgmental towards you and your case and that helps them to guide you in the right direction!

Looking for Individual Marriage Counselling?

Are you someone who is looking to get into individual marriage counselling? Are you confused about how to start it and whom to approach for the same? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! At WAITT, we have experts on individual marriage counselling and we are open to take appointments! You just have to go on to and book your session! Go on and take that step towards counselling now!



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