Helpline Diaries 7

Life is all about struggles! That is what a situation of a 60-year-old rickshaw driver is. His wife and two sons are all struggling and trying to earn money. The old rickshaw driver is diabetic and has also had an angioplasty a few years back. Due to all these health conditions, his monthly medical bills are very high. His situations got him demanding his wife’s savings to buy his medications. His demands got the family very furious and all got against him. 

At the end of a 20-minute phone call, he decided to talk to his family and requested them to buy his medicines until his business picks up again. Luckily the call ended on a peaceful note! 

Another situation that I came across was with a 29-year-old married man who is very disturbed as the lockdown has restricted him from meeting his 50-year-old intimate partner from another city. He is unable to sleep, concentrate, lack of interest in doing any work, and social withdrawals were the behavioral symptoms. His family and friends were concerned about his state but were unable to seek help as they did not know the reason behind all of this. 

After discussing all the aspects, I made him understand that nothing is permanent, including the current lockdown going on. I also explained to him that once the situation gets better, slowly the lockdown will also ease out. We also discussed and identified what is he receiving from the current relationship and what is he giving back? Our conversation ended on a very optimistic note where we witnessed improved self-dependency and a sense of commitment. 

Chala Boluya has opened a new window of Tele counseling for all of us. We are a psychological quick response team! At times a single call suffices and sometimes multiple calls might be preferred. But it is definitely a proud feeling to see individuals coming out boldly to share their thoughts, feelings, situations, relationship worries, fears, and questions. Maharashtra is warming up to the fact that the Boluya QRT with all their skillsets is available 24/7 for all!


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