Helpline Diaries 2

It was 7 am and it had been raining when I had received a call from a worried old father, who was still extremely polite! After greeting and sharing his brief introduction, he started narrating the reasons behind his concern, worries, and helpless family situations. 

After report building, history, and mental status examination, I recommended his son and daughter also to connect for the online counseling sessions. 

The son who is 34 years old, is an IT- engineer who works in a multinational company! His nature – being detached and aloof, impatient, violent, and does not communicate at all. One might wonder, in spite of working in a multinational company, how can someone have such qualities, right? Well, the reason behind his actions is that he was in a live-in relationship and within a span of one year he got married without informing his parents and soon left for Hyderabad with his wife. Today, he has returned back home from Hyderabad after a marital discord and divorce. His relationship with his parents is not good as he seems very detached from them, he is worried about his 2-year-old daughter and the divorce arguments, and his younger sister who is 31 is also unmarried! All of these worries have made him violent and aloof. After the intervention, he almost felt homeless, and at the same time, his parent’s concern and consistent updates on his life and current situation made him even more impatient. With all this happening, he felt victimized, exasperated, which resulted in sudden outbursts. 

Now comes the troubles of the daughter who is 31, also an IT engineer in a multinational company. She is also very inarticulate towards her parents and her older brother. Her family has been putting a lot of pressure to get her married, but she ends up refusing all the marriage proposals. Now, in such a situation what could be the problem? Why would she refuse to settle? Let us try and understand! 

After multiple sessions and the intervention, we came to the conclusion that she was in a very serious relationship for almost 4 years which was ramified. She has been trying to pick up the pieces, yet she fails. Going through a break-up after a struggling relationship can be so torturous! She is in denial of the current circumstances and is hoping she could fix up her old relationship. Work from home situation is also making her feel hopeless about her life. 

The mother who is 58, is currently working, has a history of depression. Apart from this, she is also very self-centered and gives preference to her personal life and status. She also refuses to participate in sessions or helping her husband and children. 

After the medical and psychological interventions, both the son and daughter are ready to take care of their father and if needed, opt for professional help! 


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