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Do you remember the positive things that happened in the last year? Let’s look at a few of those positive things. Because of COVID, we all took a break from our robotic lives, we took time to sit at our favorite spot at home with a hot cup of coffee, we heard birds chirping around us, we spent time with our families. Nature was also the happiest at that time because- fewer vehicles, less pollution! The sky was also very clear than usual. Despite all such positive things that happened in 2020, few people around us are still cribbing about how 2020 was awful and filled with uncertainties. Few people are sharing memes about how the year was awful. Are we just focusing on the negatives that happened in 2020 and ignoring all the positives?

To begin this year freshly, let’s ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How was my 2020?
  2. What are the things I learned in 2020?
  3. What is that one thing that I am going to continue doing in 2021 that I did in the last year as well?
  4. Am I looking forward to 2021 as a fresh, new year?
  5. Have I made any resolutions for 2021? Am I working towards fulfilling them?
  6. What are the new things that I would like to try in 2021?

Now, Let’s look at a few people’s stories who are looking forward to new beginnings.

Anjali, a 32-year-old IT engineer, always busy with her work, could barely pay attention to her child and used to spend a lot of money before the pandemic situation happened. She says that even though 2020 was not that year that she would really appreciate, but it taught her financial planning and managing family and her kid without taking anyone’s help. She is looking forward to 2021 as a fresh year, with many new things to learn and she definitely has made few resolutions and is thinking of following them for her good.

Nishad, a 27-year-old architect, says 2020 was life-altering. One thing it taught him is not to stress over small things that may not even matter after a few days. He found a lot of time to exercise and to engage in his hobbies which he is definitely going to continue this year as well. He engaged in painting, which he used to love doing earlier, but could not do it in many days. Also, he decided to take out his harmonium and start practicing it which was untouched for the last 10 years. At the same time, he decided not to expect anything from 2021 and just to go with the flow. Because, No demands, no complaints!

For Vaishnavi, a 36-year-old entrepreneur 2020 was awakening. Being an entrepreneur, she never got time for herself and had no work timings fixed. The biggest lesson 2020 taught her was to explore herself more than always being busy and taking joy in little things. She has also decided to take time out for family and maintain a work-life balance. She is looking forward to 2021 with positivity and has made a few resolutions as well. 

For all three of them, 2020 was not really that great. But, they still have some hopes for 2021. They are still looking at the bright side of 2021 and they are ready to start this year as a clean slate. We all have the ability to adapt to and recover from stressful situations or life events. We just have to develop that skill in ourselves. It is always necessary to look for a positive side of the negative situation, which helps you to gain a new perspective.

While cribbing about the past year, we somehow forget to welcome 2021 as a fresh, new year. This year is definitely going to have a few reflections of the past year. But, can we just think of 2021 as a clean slate and start afresh with new dreams, new hopes, and new desires? Even though 2020 has not really met our expectations, let’s accept it as a year that taught us a lot of things.


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