One Healthy World!

One Healthy World!

Have you had long, strenuous days when you had to drag yourself home and didn’t even feel like moving a finger? But have you observed your mood on these tiring days? You could get irritated by smallest of small things, questions or conversations even when the situation is not that triggering. Anger could burst out like an erupting volcano; you may drift off and not pay attention to others because it all seems very exhausting. Relatable much, right?

All this could happen because your energy battery goes down. You could recharge yourself by giving your body some rest, eating good food, hydrating yourself and having peaceful time to get your energy battery at 100% charge. While doing this, you don’t only charge your physical self but you also charge your mental self, because this energy battery consists of both, physical energy and mind energy which we often forget!

Mind and body connection has been spoken for quite a while. Imbalance in one, can affect the other. Are you wondering how to keep the mind-body balance intact? Let’s look at four people who are working differently, but their goal is same- making us understand our inner wisdom, which in turn means-making us understand our mind and body. And these four impactful speakers are joining together to guide us towards ‘one healthy world’, a webinar that Sakal group of media is organizing in the month of August. Let’s see how will the webinar benefit us?

Understanding our body 

Did you know that our body has self-healing capacity? If there is a fracture in your leg, the doctor might put a plaster on it, instead of directly operating on it. The plaster makes sure that the leg does not move and the broken bone heals itself over time.

Dr. Cijith Shreedhar, an expert in holistic healing, believes that our body has immense self-healing capacity and that, it is in our hands to make our body strong so that it will support us in resisting the growth of any disease-causing agents. At their centre, Prakriti Shakti, they focus on holistic healing where, with help of naturopathy, they treat the patient’s physical, mental and spiritual planes and work towards eliminating the root cause of their disease.

The unique way of their treatment process is that they treat the patient as a whole. That means, instead of just healing the affected part, they treat the entire body and the mind so that the healing becomes balanced and the body becomes stronger.

It has been seen that being in nature has positive effects on our mind. Our stress levels reduce, the anger agent cools down and we become more aware of ourself when we are in nature. The Prakriti Shakti center is located in the hills of Panchamelidu, which lets you soak in the energy amidst the greenery!

Dr. Cijith Shreedhar will be joining us on 7th August, 2021. He will make us understand the self-healing capacity of our body, the role of diet and gut in our overall health, and Post Covid Recovery.

Healing through Breathing

Pranayama is a yogic practice of ‘breathing’. Prana means vital life force and yama means gaining control. Prana is the life force and breathing is the fastest way to attain the prana. Have you tried consciously focusing on your breath for 15 minutes at least? While doing this, you might realise how the fast-paced world seems to slow down, how you start acknowledging the sounds around you which were lost amongst the noise of vehicles, television sets and your laptop keyboards! But is it the world that slowdowns? Is it the vehicles that stop running on the roads? No, it is you who tries to unplug yourself and shift the focus from external to internal and that connect helps you to realise the wonders within you!

Breathing not only calms our mind, but its effects can be seen in our body as well. Our muscles which unknowingly become tight because of the stress that we put on them, loosen up with the help of conscious breathing. Our heart rate slows down and our digestion becomes easier and it cools down our body making it more relaxed! Of course, it takes time to learn conscious breathing and to experience the changes that enter our life because of it.

Doesn’t it all sound very fascinating? Well, our expert on the topic is equally fascinating. Mirabelle D’Cunha Sivajyoti, has had quite a journey. She had a slip disc at the age of 25 and got to know that the chances of 100% recovery are slim after the surgery. Having read about a famous Indian Classical dancer’s story of how she lost her foot and yet trained herself with an artificial leg, gave Mirabelle a ray of hope, of not giving up. With this ray of hope, she found her way through the Himalayan mountains, into Sivananda Ashram. From there, her journey of self-healing and guidance for others started and it is going on till today!

Get to know the ‘Intimacy with breath’ from such an extraordinary healer on 14th August, 2021 and start on your journey of learning how to invite, ignite and allow prana, the life force to expand your vitality and give you an intimate experience of consciousness itself and understanding Mantra as Pranayam.

Iyengar Yoga and its power

Iyengar Yoga was developed and named after B.K.S Iyengar. It is described to be yoga as a form of exercise and focuses mainly on the alignment of the body, the precision of postures and the details. This form of yoga is different from other forms because it emphasises on the accuracy of the body alignment in the asanas, the sequences in which the asanas are practiced are considered to be vital and uses of props makes this form even more unique.

Iyengar yoga takes you on a journey of self-exploration with your guru being alongside. Self-exploration, because it helps you to understand your body, breath and mind. It is through the practice of these asanas that one can achieve good physical health, emotional stability, mental peace and high mindfulness.

Rajashree Tupe, our expert on the topic, has had a good fortune to learn from the maestro Guruji B.K.S Iyengar himself at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), Pune. She has also been honoured to train under and work with guruji’s son and daughter. She has had an amazing experience of Iyengar yoga during her pregnancy, when she was comfortable to do a head and shoulder stand even in her 9th month of the pregnancy! She says that it was during this time that she learnt the flexibility of body and adaptability of the mind.

Smt Rajashree is the founder of Shriyog which is an institute of Iyengar Yoga. She is passionate to share her knowledge of the holistic science of Yog with people and her mission is to carry forward the subject of Yog through asana and pranayama as taught by Guruji BKS Iyengar. Watch Rajashree on 21st August, 2021, where she will talk about ‘Iyengar Yoga – Practice & Philosophy’ and you will get a crystal-clear understanding of the power and impact of Iyengar Yoga through the practice of Asanas.

Psychology and linguistics

Psycholinguistic is a study of language on a person’s psychological process. Through this study, the researchers get to know the ways in which language is processed in brain. Sometimes certain few words trigger us and other times certain words calm us and why does this happen is studied in psycholinguistics.

Isn’t it interesting how language and psychology are connected?

Dr Anuradha Choudhary, an assistant professor at IIT Kharagpur for Sanskrit and Indian psychology, is an expert on Indian psychology. She holds a Ph.D. in Vedic psychology and is the founder of Ritambhara Yogashala and Takshashila Institute of India Studies [TIIS].

Another noteworthy aspect of our expert is that she is an instructor at YogaAnytime.com, where her mode of teaching is related to yoga psychology, spoken Sanskrit and transformative power of mantras! All this sounds very interesting and we know that you are curious to know what will our expert talk about in this webinar.

Dr Choudhary is coming up with a fascinating topic ‘Sanskrit: Its Mantric and Psycholinguistic dimensions’ on 28th August, 2021 to unfold and discover Sanskrit as yoga in itself!

Why ‘One Healthy World’?

We turned one on 3rd August 2021! ‘We are In this together’ has helped thousands of people to get guidance on mental health. We believe that mental health is important part of a person’s overall health.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we are taking another step to create awareness of the wellbeing by connecting 4 different experts who are working individually to impart their knowledge about healthy wellbeing.

As a gratitude, all the proceedings raised through this webinar will be donated to Yashodhan Trust, an NGO in Wai taluka that works for the homeless and mentally challenged population.

Come and join us on this 90-minute journey of ‘One Healthy World’ on August’s each Saturday. The fees to attend all four workshops are Rs. 499 and for individual workshop, the fees are Rs. 149. You can register for the workshop here – https://www.waitt.in/one-healthy-world-workshop/


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