Mental Health Report October Stress

Mental Health Report October Stress

The whole world has been facing major mental health issues. This concern has been going on forever. Do you know that In the last three months, more than 4,000 people from all over the state have been able to talk freely on the “Let’s talk with the morning” helpline for guidance on various mental health concerns? This helpline has provided a platform for people to express themselves and get the right guidance, so the “Sakal Sobat Boluya” helpline is a rejuvenation for those who face stress in their personal or work life. 

On behalf of the Sakal Social Foundation’s Sakal Social Foundation, we are in this together campaign, courtesy of the Puneet Balan Group and in collaboration with the Center for Mental Health and Disabilities of the Karve Social Service Organization, to guide stress management and overall mental health problems. “Sakal Sobat Boluya”, a 24-hour free helpline was launched on August 3 which has now completed 3 months today. 

It was found that 56% of the helpline callers across the state needed counseling more than once. It surely is difficult to get comfortable at one go to discuss all the issues that one is facing. Multiple calls will really help the person get comfortable and open up and share his/her stress areas. Also, 35% of people need specific mental therapy, 21% of people need specific tests and 26% of people need specific mental health medications. 
Did you know that the number of male callers to the helpline is 63? It was 8% more than the proportion of women being 35.7%. Depending on the age group, the proportion of people in the age group of – 18 to 29 is 16.1%, 30 to 49 is 41.7%, 50 to 69 is 26.4%, 70 and above is 9.7% 
Also, 66% of the people were from urban areas, 2% of the population was semi-urban and 10.8% of the people were from rural areas. 
If we see the age group, we see that 30 years – 49 years is the highest concern for mental health issues! If this is not a serious concern then what is? 

The private sector ranks first among the 4,000 people who call the helpline. It is followed by housewives, retired, and senior citizens which are in the third position. Also, the number of businessmen, students, unemployed people, and farmers calling for help is significant. Problems with incoming calls mainly included stress-related issues caused by anxiety, worry, fear, and mental disorders. Many people in society suffer from anxiety, worry, and depression. Some people overcome it successfully and rise to new heights. But there are some people who cannot overcome it and out of this frustration, they end up taking extreme steps like committing suicide. We feel everyone out there needs a shoulder to cry on. Why let anyone reach such drastic steps to end life? We want to help as many people out there. 
Some people are afraid or insecure to come forward on their own but they need counseling and guidance. If counseling and guidance are given at such times, people will come out of depression and will not take extreme measures. With this goal in mind, the Sakal Social Foundation has launched the “Sakal Sobat Boluya” helpline for everyone suffering from depression. Puneet Balan Group Director Puneet Balan is the main sponsor of this initiative. Mandar Joshi of Technosmart assisted with the helpline’s software.

Come talk to us, we are here for you! “Sakal Sobat Boluya” will keep all your personal information & conversations confidential. So, you don’t need to worry about our conversations getting heard by someone else. 

In the last three months, it has been observed that some people need constant counseling, and some need face-to-face counseling. With this need in mind, we are in this together with an online appointment booking facility for the guidance of expert counselors at a nominal paid rate for citizens of all ages on the mental stress caused by anxiety, worry, loneliness, depression, and domestic violence. Through this website, citizens can easily book appointments with our expert counselors as per their convenience, time, and concern. 

In the initial phase, we are in this together. This website will facilitate online appointment booking for counseling on the stress and problems caused by depression and domestic violence. As we mentioned earlier, we will keep the personal information of each person seeking counseling confidential.

How to book online for counseling? Follow these easy steps – 
You can book an appointment by scanning the QR code below or filling in your personal information by opening the link below, select the counselor you need, and choose the day and time that suits you best. As soon as you book an appointment, you will receive appointment information via e-mail.

QR Code –

Link – https://www.waitt.in/therapy/
For more information contact – 9960500143

Remember, it is ok if you are not feeling OK! It is completely normal to feel lonely, depressed, stressed about various things. We are here for you, we want to hear from you, we want to guide you! Let us help you.


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