Helpline Diary 15


One morning on 3rd of October we got a call on our helpline from a student who is pursuing & preparing for MPSC exams which was scheduled on 11th October. He was tensed about the his preparations as he is a topper, hence the pressure was also a lot. But, apart from that he was facing another problem. He was in a relationship with someone since 2 years which was ended recently. According to the girl he did not fall is his category or type. This kept worrying him so much that what did she mean by that. 
His ex-girlfirned’s brother had just gotten selected for UPSC exams. So, he thought maybe because her brother was selected for a higher scale, hence he did not fit her category. She refused to continue the relationship with him. The exam stress and the unexpected break-up aggrevated his anxiety even more. 

After a 40 minutes conversation on helpline, I guided him and made him understand that giving space in any relationship, and respecting personal choice and prioratizing things is very important. I told him to concentrate on things that are within his control, focus on exam & studies which should ideally be the only prime focus at this point especially when the exam is just a week away. 

After a few days on 8th October he called me again and he assured that he was feeling much better after the guidance given. He assured that he was diverting his mind from the break-up and focusing only on hsi studies. There is also a lot of difference is his tone, and behaviour. He also seems less anxious and tensed. He had more clarity about his situation and was quiet confident in the follow up conversation. 


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