Helpline Diary 14


This lockdown has really made it difficult for many people out there to cope up with work, relationships, health, etc. We have made sure to hear each one out in these difficult times and will continue to do so. Recently an IT professional had called from Pune. He had decided to take retirement from his job during the lockdown and went to his village. He had made up his mind that he does not want to work in Pune anymore but his worry or concern was the questions that will be asked and judgements passed by his friends and people from the village. His friends asked him why did he take this decision at the age of just 40. 
The man felt very uncomfortable and awkward to face all the people due to these questions and his decision. He started to feel guilty and wondered if he made a mistake by leaving his job back in the city. His secondary work/business in his village was doing very well. This business was his second source of income. After taking this decision of leaving his job, he did not want to face or answer any more questions from his people in the village. After speaking with us on the helpline, I told him that maybe you can change your answer and approach when you give an explanation to your friends and family. The problem is with the word “retirement” according to society. So, instead of saying that you have retired, you can tell them that you have decided to take a break from work for a while to concentrate on your business. 

I told him that no one will question you or ask you more questions and in fact support his decision. Their point of view will completely change and they won’t think that your decision was wrong


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