Helpline Diaries 6

Your mental health is your capital

Do you try new things? Does it excite you? What comes to your mind when you try new things? Nothing is as tiring as trying to do something new.

Can I do it? Am I capable of doing it? Will I succeed in my endeavors?

Such different thoughts are building a web in a person’s mind. While, a person starts noticing the symptoms such as restlessness, sleep deprivation, anger, and self-loathing are all manifestations of self-harm. 

What if these symptoms increase? Can these symptoms turn into mental illness?

Yes!! It is definitely leading to mental illness.  

It is the mental illness, that eats up a person from the inside out, and this is the health condition that disrupts a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Mental health has become a man’s business, in which a person sometimes finds himself to be sad, sometimes distracted, and sometimes wastes his life in stress. 

We all want to overcome such situations but how should one overcome it? With this in mind, we must deal with mental illness with a plan and a strategy. So far sounds good? 

The word stress used repetitively in our day to day schedule should be taken seriously & not lightly, because it is a form of mental illness. It is necessary to seek professional help! By keeping everything in your mind you are not only attracting stress, but you are also reaching near to major illnesses such as heart diseases and even cancer. So by raising mental health awareness, I promise to stand by you & support you when you raise your voices for your Mental Health. Please reach out whenever in stress! 


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Dr. Maliha Hasham Sable

Mental Health Clinician, Psychotherapist (UK), RCI Recognized Researcher

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