Helpline Diaries 10

Hello, I am Viran Rajput, a counselor at S S B Helpline which is available for people who are facing troubles. We guarantee it is the best platform for seeking help for those in an emotional turmoil. 

We came across a case study of a pregnant woman who called on our helpline recently. She spent her childhood and grew up in an urban city atmosphere. After her marriage, she landed up in a rural environment which led her to live in a joint family who had many rules and very pretty strict against her doing any further education. Unfortunately, even her husband is not very cooperative and he is someone who believes in keeping up with the family norms and be obedient toward his parents. Two years of marriage got her coming back to her parent’s home. She was very disturbed! She came across S S B helpline while she was reading the newspaper and instantly called us up to express her feelings. 

After roughly talking for 30 minutes about her past and how she was treated by her in-laws, she felt relieved and was glad she had found a platform to share her feelings. My role as a counselor began after being an active listener. After her sharing all the negative things and picking up red flags, I took her toward what were the good things that she had missed sharing. As she was pregnant, it was crucial for her to change her mindset. I reminded her about the positive outlook that was missing in her entire story. After a few sessions of therapy, she realized that she should change her thoughts in this phase of pregnancy. Making her understand all the pros and cons, I guided her to focus on her present and on the life that God has gifted her with that is growing inside her. 

It is important to look at a situation and let go of the past and think about the present moment. Two years of marriage is definitely a strong bond and things will surely change positively. She was bringing a blessing to the family by giving birth to a baby who was about to bring only joy and happiness into all their lives. Slowly she accepted the missing cubes of the puzzle & was very satisfied at the end of the conversation. 


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