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Lound ringing tone of the phone echos the room! I had recently received a phone call! The person was trying to cram up his entire syllabus in one night. He was anxious, lost, and contemplating the situation, which I couldn’t help but wonder how each child goes through the pre-exam anxiety & stress! The stigma attached to mental health can really be appalling! This, however, can really impact the child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Nearly 66% of the youngsters are currently encountering various stages of stress levels due to exam pressure. But, that does not mean we can not get rid of it! Together we can win over every trouble & worry! 

Before reaching out to him, I understood his area of concern, stress, and anxiety. It is very crucial to show empathy in such situations. My first task was to make him understand that it is completely natural and normal to feel anxious before the “D Day”, and tried to communicate about how feeling more anxious about your troubles can make it worse. 

My second task was to make him understand that he can use the anxiety monster for good. Just the way stress works, you can make anxiety drive you to be more prepared. I guided him and advised him to plan out his life ahead with a clear vision, as it gives one a tremendous feeling of confidence and power. 

Breaking down the entire syllabus into smaller portions will help in completing the syllabus well in time. Practice rewarding yourself every time you finish your targetted chapter/ portion. Rewards always help in motivating a person to strive for more. Once you practice this, you are bound to receive brownie points as you will have plenty of time to revise before examinations. 

Disciple, discipline, discipline! It really works wonders when you have a fixed routine, as it helps you stay focused and a definite ladder to success. If 10% of stepping your way to success is planning, then 90% of it is following the routine. take a back seat from anxiety and follow your routine, it will definitely keep you feeling confident and motivated before your exams. 

Along with discipline, self-care is a must and so crucial! Pamper yourself with a good self-care routine too. Hence, I advised him to take short breaks between tasks, eating healthy home-cooked food, staying hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep. 

If he is diligent and follows his routine well, then he can be prepared to say goodbye to anxiety once and for all. Be it before entering an examination hall or a job interview, having that confident mindset can really do wonders. 


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