Domestic Violence

I can’t sum  up this topic in 150 or 200 words cause this is undoubtedly  more than that  ,domestic violence we all have faced it sometime in a relationship, its high time we spoke about this in open and stop worrying about the consequences, this problem or issue as we call it does not occur only in the lower classes  this happens in the upper class ,upper middle class and the elite society as well , no one wants to speak about this and everyone tolerates domestic violence in some manner or the other ,some think it will end shortly, some pity themselves for being where they are, some blame themselves for the situation and some do not want to get out of their comfort zones and hence allow the domestic violence .Domestic violence is when abusive behavior is used by one partner to maintain control over the other partner be it male or female. They are different types of domestic violence one goes through like physical abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats etc.  Abusers humiliate their partners, they reduce their self-worth, isolate them from their family and friends and the victim feels helpless and powerless in this situation .it is important for us to understand that we need to stand up for ourselves empower ourselves, today there are many institutions and resources that help in these situations .We all need to live free and out of fear, We all need to reach out and speak ….Dare to be Another U.


Two people may be poles apart in their likes and dislikes and still they   might have a meaningful and a long lasting relationship.  Being a good couple is far more than sharing the same interests, So what is compatibility, I always thought as a child that if two people got along it would be that their interests or likes or dislikes as we call it would be more or less similar. However as one grows up we find out  that we all have different views for the same thing our likes and dislikes also vary, but now I understand that having different views than your significant other is not a bad sign. There is a saying conflict is good for a healthy relationship,  Relationships are at its peak when two people share equality, respect, companionship and most importantly friendship and that is what is real compatibility. Trusting your partner, saying sorry when it is really required, doing something together that interests both of you, understanding each other just by looking into the eyes, loving  each other like there is no tomorrow. Having followed all of this one can have the most amazing relationship and it isn’t a tough task at all.


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