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In the last five months, more than 5,500 people from all over the state have been able to speak freely on the helpline “Sakal Sobat Boluya” to seek professional guidance on various mental health concerns. 

In these past five months, a team of fifteen expert counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists has been providing psychological support to the callers on the helpline and providing them with 24-hour free counseling and guidance. Due to stress during the pandemic and lockdown, many families have faced anxiety and various other mental health issues. Our helpline is available for every person and has the right to claim professional guidance on the platform. “Sakal Sobat Boluya” helpline has become navsanjivani strain for those who deal with stress and other issues. 

Sakal Media Group’s “Morning Social Foundation” on behalf of “We Are In This Together”, Puneet Balan Group,  Karve Institute of Social Service in collaboration with the organization of the Center for Mental Health and disability – stress management and overall mental health guidance, “Sakal Sobat Boluya” the 24/7 free helpline on 3rd August 2020 was introduced had just completed five months.

Pune district has 47% helpline calls across the state which is the highest, followed by Kolhapur with 6 % and Mumbai with 5 %. The proportion of people in Sangli district is 4%, Satara and Nashik districts are 2% respectively. 

Nearly 60% of callers on the helpline were male. Depending on the age group, the proportion of people in the age group of – 

18-29 years is 12.5 %, 

30-49 years is 33 %, 

50-69 years is 21.8 %, 

70 & above is 7%. 

Area wise proportion, 1 % of the population belonged to the urban areas and 25.8 % of the population belonged to semi-urban and 9.1 % were from rural areas.

The private sector ranks first among the 5,500 people who called the helpline to seek guidance. Which was followed by housewives, and then retired and senior citizens. Also, the number of businessmen, students, unemployed people, and farmers calling for help was sufficiently great during these difficult times. 

Insomnia is becoming the main reason for all the mental health troubles and so depression becomes a part of life which leads to disappointment. There is depression due to economic issues, anxiety, worry, fear, relationships, marriage problems, unemployment, one-sided love, sexual problems, domestic violence, job stress and pressure, business-related problems, social phobia, social stigma, and many such problems. 

Puneet Balan Group Director – Puneet Balan is the main sponsor of the initiative of “Sakal Sobut Boluya” with the help of Social Foundation to help with a variety of depressions and worries. 

Quotes : –

Mental disorders require medication: –

Vijay ( name has been changed ) works as a supervisor in a company. He was diagnosed with depression a while ago in college and started taking medication for the same. The medication also began to affect effectively, but, after a few days, his family felt that he did not need medication anymore and they discontinued his course without consulting a doctor. He began to feel a little bit of discomfort again. But, he chose to ignore the problem as much as possible. 

As the lockdown came upon all of us, his troubles increased. He could not bear the stress and the effects were visible on his work performance. Unable to cope up, he decided to quit his job. 

Ananya Purvi was talking to him on the helpline one morning day. The counselor informed him of the nature of his illness and also explained the importance of the medication to him. He went to the doctor and started his treatment again and within a week he started to feel the difference. 

There are many misconceptions in our society about depression, mental health, etc. that they are all mind games, and that they do not need any drugs/medications to resolve this issue, but the person taking continuous medication is their daily dose of feeling stable. And an expert or a doctor’s advice to the person who will see the mental illness symptom comes out of it tries to live a healthy life. 

Medha Pujari, Counselor, Autism Specialist

Separate column: –

Online booking activities for counseling: –

Some people need constant counseling and some people need face-to-face counseling. This concern with the need, worry, loneliness that has been introduced to facilitate the ensuing tension, depression, and domestic violence which anticipated psychological problems taking expert guidance, counselors of all ages citizen’s nominal fee rates on “We Are In This Together” with the help of online booking via this website. This initiative is getting a good response. It will be your way, your timing, and your appointment with experts to counsel citizens. This will also keep the personal information of each person seeking counseling very confidential.

How to book online for counseling : – 

You can book an appointment by scanning the QR code below or filling out your personal information by opening the link below, selecting the counselor you want to guide, and choose the day and time that suits you best. As soon as you book an appointment, you will receive appointment information via email. 

QR Code  Sending to Mail.

Link – https://www.waitt.in/therapy/

For more information contact  9960500143

Come on in, take a look! “Sakal Sobat Boluya” – call 020 7117166 and press number 9 to talk freely with us. Your personal information will be kept completely confidential.


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