Change is the Only Constant

Every person on the earth has feelings, emotions, beliefs, etc. Everyone knows this, but still, we human beings expect from others and want others to change. In life nothing is static, everything keeps on changing, but most of us don’t want to change. For changing our own self/ oneself we need to –

  1. Accept- yes, accept the changes. Many of us cannot accept but this is the first step towards changing oneself. After acceptance, we must
  2. Find out- whether our thoughts are positive or negative. As it is very well said,” Energy flows where attention goes.” So it’s best to flow our energy towards positive outcomes. For this one must
  3. Meditate – It does help to calm one’s mind and free the mind from repetitive unwanted thoughts, anger, fear, etc. And the most important ” PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS”
  4. Rigidity- The rigidity of thoughts must be flexible. This change is also an important and very innovative way to keep ourselves mentally healthy.

So for harmonious working of body and mind, there are many ways and can help an individual to work at its highest potency. On applying one’s mindfully to the work he does and derives pleasure from it, this will develop a love for his work. To spend his life span with happiness and a sense of fulfillment, man must be convinced and for the conviction, he must start by changing himself. Obstructions create disturbance in the harmonious working of the body and mind. Then mental health is disturbed. So to have peace and harmony ” CHANGE ” is a MUST.


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