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Did you know that at every moment, our thoughts and emotions radiate into the environment as emotional vibrational frequencies? Our personal vibrational frequency is a part of the Global Vibrational Frequency, contributing to the Collective Consciousness of our planet. In the wake of Covid-19, we are creating low frequency vibrations like stress, fear, and insecurity over the last 3-4 months. We are caught in a vicious cycle of creating, radiating, consuming, and getting influenced. Hence our vibrational frequency and Global Vibrational Frequency are dropping. Our immediate responsibility is to raise our vibrational frequency.

There is a steep rise in depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, domestic violence and divorce rate. We are not recognizing them to be outcomes of lack of emotional strength. Instead we are validating them as “Normal” reactions to the situation.

If we reflect on our lives before Covid-19, our history of ‘emotional dependence’ is exposed. We depended on situations to be perfect, for us to be happy and peaceful. We believed we were angry because of someone, upset because of another, happy due to one situation or insecure due to another. While we held external factors responsible for our emotional vulnerability, our world was challenged by the virus. And the world believed fear and anxiety is normal.

Our planet needs healing energy. And each of us is morally responsible to continuously raise our personal vibrational frequency. As we do that, we contribute to raising the Global Vibrational Frequency. We need to shift from fear to faith, stress to stability, anxiety to peace, and insecurity to inner power. In Hindi there is a beautiful statement “Sankalp Se Shrishti” which means our thoughts create our world. Whatever we repeatedly think and speak becomes a reality.

Following are 8 affirmations that can be used in the current situation to boost emotional immunity. Repeat them for a few days to teach your mind, new ways of thinking and speaking. These thoughts will soon become your reality.

  1. I am a peaceful being … calm and stable always.
  2. I am a powerful being … untouched by situations and people’s behaviours.
  3. I am a fearless being … I have faith in God, in myself and in my destiny.
  4. My body is perfect and healthy … and will always be.
  5. God’s blessings are a circle of divine light around me … nothing can enter this protection shield … I am safe.
  6. God’s blessings are a protective shield around my family… they are healthy and happy.
  7. God’s blessings are a protective shield around my workplace … my job and salary are secure… my colleagues are safe.
  8. God’s blessings are a circle of protection around the planet. My world is safe.

Following are guidelines about how these affirmations can be used to get optimum benefits. Few simple lifestyle habits to boost emotionally immunity –

  1. Energize your mind with a pure emotional diet every morning. Refrain from using phone or reading newspaper for at least an hour upon waking. With your first few thoughts, give gratitude to God, to your mind and body, to people in your life and to everything you use. Say the 8 affirmations with conviction, visualizing and feeling each statement.
  2. Meditate for 20 minutes. For 30 minutes, study spiritual knowledge or any content that empowers your mind with vibrations of peace, love, happiness, faith, and wisdom.
  3. Spend at least 30 minutes to exercise, yoga, walk or gym, paying attention to thoughts. To energise your mind, you should avoid gossip or watching TV during the workout.
  4. After every 1 hour, pause for 60 seconds and revise the 8 affirmations to recharge your mind.
  5. Every day there are hours of continuous coverage about Covid-19 on media and social media. While it is important to be aware, it helps to limit news consumption. Otherwise repeated exposure increases fear and distress. You may choose to get updates for may be 10 minutes a day, and disconnect thereafter.
  6. Your family and colleagues are adapting to new ways of living and working. They could be irritable, insecure, or anxious. Use your vibrations of peace and compassion in every interaction to heal them.
  7. You are what you eat and drink. Food and water carry vibrational energy and therefore impact your emotional immunity. Today they have vibrations of fear and anxiety.
    1. Cook for your family and eat home cooked, Sattvic, vegetarian food. Your vibrations of love and care energizes the meal and heals the minds of everyone who eats it.
    2. Have high energy words such as mantra chants, songs of God’s remembrance or spiritual discourses playing in the kitchen. They cleanse negative emotions and soothe everyone’s minds.
    3. State the 8 affirmations before every meal to energize it.
    4. Eat mindfully, away from phone and TV. Eat silently or have only happy conversations.
  8. Sleep early to wake up early. Disconnect from work communication, gadgets and emotionally stimulating content, an hour before bedtime. Resolve issues on your mind. Meditate or read positive messages for 10 minutes. Repeat the 8 affirmations as you fall asleep. They become a part of your subconscious, radiate to your body and into the environment for the next 6 hours

When you create the same thoughts (affirmations) every morning, before every meal, before drinking water each time and before sleep, you would have effectively repeated them for 15 to 20 times a day. Within a few days, these thoughts become your normal way of thinking. Your thoughts will soon become your reality.


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