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On behalf of the Sakal Social Foundation’s Sakal Social Foundation, we are in this together campaign, courtesy of the Puneet Balan Group and in collaboration with the Center for Mental Health and Disabilities of the Karve Social Service Organization, to guide stress management and overall mental health and problems. The Sakal Sobat Boluya “The 24-hour helpline was initially started in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad areas in the initial phase and then it was expanded across the state in phases.

Today, the helpline is starting and completing a month. In this one month, nearly one thousand eighteen hundred people from across the state have taken to the helpline for guidance on various mental health and problems. On behalf of Karve Social Services’ Center for Mental Health and Disabilities, expert counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists answer to the helpline caller for help and communicate freely with them for appropriate counseling and guidance.

Males constitute 65% of the population and females 35%. of them. 67.8% of the population was urban. 20. 2% of the population was semi-urban. 12% of the population was from rural areas. Along with the uneducated, the proportion of graduates among the educated was 41.5% and the proportion of graduates was 12.3%.

Also people who call the helpline for guidance. The proportion was 10.2% students. 26. 3% are private employees and 7% are government employees. 18. 3% were housewives. Also 11. 8% were professionals. Farmers and wage earners and those who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown have also called the helpline for guidance.

38.9% of these of people were from the joint family. While 58. 9% of the people were from nuclear families. In addition, 87% of people lived with family members, while 12% were single.

79% callers called for help on helpline and have received proper counseling, advice and guidance in the first phone call. Also 13% of people have to make a second call or follow up.

Anxiety, fear, worry, stress and the resulting depression are the most common phone calls among the two thousand phone calls. The most calls were related to Corona and Lockdown, on stress and job frustration. The other area where more number of calls received were on mental illness, problems and mental health.

From young children to the elderly as well as the poor, middle, upper middle and upper class people are plagued by anxiety, worry and depression. Some people overcome it successfully and rise to new heights. But some people cannot overcome it and out of frustration they take extreme steps like suicide. Some people do not come forward on their own but they need counseling and guidance.

If counseling and guidance is given at such times, people will come out of depression and will not take extreme measures like suicide. With this goal in mind, the Sakal Social Foundation has launched the helpline for everyone who is suffering from depression. Puneet Balan Groups Director Puneet Balan is the main sponsor for this initiative.

Come on, then you can talk to us. “Sakal Sobat Boluya” , Your personal information will be kept confidential

We are in this together. You can visit the following Instagram and Facebook page of this campaign.


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