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Post or After Marriage Counselling Service in Pune

Marital bliss is something that everyone talks about. But what about the challenges that couples face in a marriage? There’s hardly a proper conversation around that topic. Every couple, in some or other ways, face some challenges in their marriage and what is important is to address these issues and not wait until it becomes a complication in the marriage.

Understanding the importance of having someone who can guide you through turbulences in marriage, WAITT has onboarded best marriage counsellors in the field!

What is Post Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling or Post marriage counselling involves guiding married couples to resolve conflicts, understand each other better and includes other elements in the marriage. Most of the times, the conflicts faced in a marriage are rarely discussed and even if they are, they are discussed with a friend or a family member. This opens the possibility of not being understood, being judged or it becoming a topic of gossip.

In marriage counselling, the counsellor provides you with a safe space to discuss about your marital discord openly so that you can work on it with the help of the professional.

Our Areas of Specialty in Post Marriage Counselling:

A post marriage counsellor is a qualified counsellor who has extensive knowledge about the key elements of marriage and the techniques used for resolving the issues that may arise in a marriage.

To understand our marital counsellors better, here’s the areas of specialty of our marital counsellor:

Why Do You Need Post Marriage Counselling or Counsellor?

Marriage counselling is a very important branch in counselling. By choosing marriage counselling, you choose an expert with thorough knowledge of therapies and approaches that are to be used in this type of counselling.

Moreover, no marriage is perfect and two individuals need to give in their 100% to have a good marital relationship, and often people forget this and run for perfectionism. A marital counsellor helps you to know the reality and crux of a happy marriage. Apart from that, you must opt for marriage counselling for following reasons:

When to Get Post Marriage Counselling?

There is no time frame as to when you should get into marriage counselling. It all depends on your analysis of where your marital relationship is headed. Here are a few instances which can help you to understand that this is when marital counselling will help you best.

A couple can think about getting into marriage counselling if it has become a tendency of a conversation always turning into an argument, if one or both the individuals feel disconnected from their spouses, if there is lack of intimacy even after trying for it consciously, if their marital issues is affecting their parenthood, if a partner has cheated on another and wants to reconcile. Marriage counselling should be opted if a couple is thinking about separation or divorce. But again, do not hold yourself back by thinking the issue is small, if it is putting you in distress then it important to address the issue.

FAQs related to Post Marriage Counselling:

Are you still confused about whether to opt for marriage counselling or not? Whether it is the right choice or method of working on your marital relationship? We get it! We know how important one’s marriage and marital life is and how correctly you want to solve any issues you have in this beautiful relationship. So don’t worry, we have listed a few very common FAQs which will help you to understand this process better!

Totally! And you know why? Because marriage counsellors are educated professionals who have scientific knowledge about the approaches used in this type of counselling. Sure, we have friends and family members with whom we share the concerns regarding our marriage. But their perspective can get biased towards you and that doesn’t work when you are trying to find your way through a problem. In marriage counselling, the counselor has a pure, unbiased perception which helps them to be non-judgmental towards you and your case and that helps them to guide you in the right direction!

Every case in counselling is different. The issues, depth of the problems and the client’s willingness to work on themselves varies highly. So, there is no standard time limit for the sessions to go on. On an average, marriage counselling can go up to 6 sessions, but as mentioned it varies from case to case. It is also recommended that the clients go with the flow of the sessions and not worry about the number of sessions, this will help to enhance their work on themselves!

The success rate of marriage counselling, in current times, is around 70%. The most important thing in marriage counselling is the couple’s willingness to gain insight and willingness to work on it. It cannot be a 50-50 job. The counsellor gives in their 100% and the couple, individually, need to give in their 100% too for marriage counselling to work!

We need to understand that marriage counsellors do not always guide you to save your marriage, because in some cases the damage goes beyond repair. Sometimes, it is not a damage in the marriage but two individuals might find out that they aren’t compatible for each other. Hence, instead of looking at divorce in a negative way, why not think of it as a new start?

A marriage counsellor doesn’t give you a ready-made solution but they guide you to find the solution to your query. Also, even if your marriage ends up in divorce after counselling then it doesn’t mean that counselling failed. You always find out something important about yourself in the process of counselling, so there is no 100% failure in counselling!

Looking for Post Marriage Counsellor?

After reading the write up, do you think you and your spouse needs marriage counselling? Do you want to recommend marriage counselling to any of your friends or family members? Don’t understand whom to approach for marriage counselling? Don’t worry! Check out https://www.waitt.in/therapy/ and book your appointments with our best Marriage counsellors from Pune and start your counselling journey with us!



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