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Music Therapy Course

What is Music Therapy?

For centuries Music has been recognized for its therapeutic properties in healing the mind and body and for treatment of physical or mental illnesses. Music listening is linked with a reduction of stress hormone levels, anxiety, pain, low blood pressure et cetera. Music as a tool gives us the cultural platform, contributing to the quality of life, by Bringing in an awareness feelings, a deep sense of belonging, and a way of providing meaning and coherence in life.


Meet your Therapist

Purvaa Sampath, a graduate of renowned Berklee College of Music, USA. With a dual-degree in music therapy and performance, she is one of the few CBMT Board-certified music therapists. Purvaa has had the opportunity to practice as a student music therapist in some of the top institutions like Perkins School for the Blind, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, USA.

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Sakal Social Foundation is thrilled to invite Purvaa Sampath for an Introductory Music Therapy course. We believe that learning music and being surrounded by music really is like mediation and we want each and every person benefitting from this course. This course can be opted by anyone who has a fair sense of music or loves listening to music. Music Therapy can be used anywhere in your daily lives, be it your workplace, or family.

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Who can apply?

Students, housewives, working professionals, therapists, counselors, psychologists, teachers, and anyone who is curious and has a love for music.

Anyone Who Enjoys listening to Music Can
Do Music Therapy

Course Content

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Where you can apply this knowledge?

With this program, you will have the basic techniques one needs to incorporate into their work (HR, related fields of therapy, educational settings like teaching, training and even use it to enhance your own emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Course Fees

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    10,000/- if you register before 28th Feb 2021 and post that 12,000/-

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