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Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling Service in Pune

Domestic violence is a very hush hush topic, especially when the act is done by a spouse. According to the WHO, 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced some kind of violence by their spouse. Along with women, men are also victims of domestic violence in a marriage.

Looking at the statistics, it can be seen that people do not come forward to seek help in cases of domestic violence. To break this chain, WAITT is providing a safe platform to anyone who is a victim of marital domestic abuse because we believe that if you are strong mentally, then you can make changes for yourself.

WAITT has onboarded best marital domestic abuse psychologist who can help you to not be a victim of the abuse!

What is Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling?

This type of counselling deals with individuals who are married and have been abused by their respective partners. Usually, when we hear domestic violence, or domestic abuse we presume that it must comprise only physical abuse such as hitting, shoving, pulling hair etc.

But domestic violence is more than that. Sexual abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse, spiritual abuse and many more types of abuse form the umbrella of domestic abuse.

Our Areas of Specialty in Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling:

In marital domestic abuse cases, we do not force on taking legal action, it is up to the client. The main focus of the counsellor in this setting is to help the client come out of the mental trauma of the violence.

Marital domestic violence counselling can be attended by both the spouses if the abuser has an insight of whatever he/she is doing is wrong. The counsellor helps them understand where this behavior of violence might be coming from and then the abuser can work on it.

To understand our marital domestic violence counsellor better, here are a few areas in which they have specialized expertise:

Why Do You Need Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling?

The main reason to opt for marital domestic abuse counselling is to get free from the stress and trauma that the abuse causes. Such incidents have a pattern which leads to the violence, the counsellor can help the clients to break the pattern so that the frequency of violence taking place decreases.

Most of the times, the abuser may try very hard to control his/her urge to abuse their spouse, but might be failing at doing the same. Here counsellor can help them by using different techniques.

Other reasons of why counselling must be opted are:

When to get Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling?

You can opt for counselling anytime if you are a victim of domestic violence in your marriage. The sooner you opt for it, the better ways you will get to know to take care of your mental health.

Please understand that domestic abuse is never a one-time thing. We understand that in our society, we believe to keep marital matters inside the house, but in such cases, you are not helping yourself by shying away from counselling for the abuse. Also keep in mind that the counsellor follows ethics and keeps your identity and the information completely confidential, so that is one less thing that you need to worry about!

FAQs related to Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling:

We know that domestic violence is a very sensitive topic especially when it is happening in an intimate relationship like marriage. The victim may have many questions before approaching for counselling and understanding its importance, here are a few FAQs which might help you to understand Domestic Violence Marriage Counselling in a better way.

According to statistics, 1out of 3 women suffer domestic abuse from their spouse. The number is so because, domestic violence doesn’t pertain only to physical abuse. Sexual, psychological, economic abuse are some of the other forms of abuse. Most of the times, the individuals might not even know that they are being victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence can lead to issues regarding ‘self’ like low self-esteem and self-worth can be seen in the victims. The survivors can also fall prey to anxiety, depression and higher levels of stress. The survivors may have a sense of hopelessness and may live in guilt if not treated.

Domestic violence marriage counsellor can help the client to make them understand that it is not the survivor’s fault that they are experiencing such type of treatment from their spouse. The counsellor helps the client to regain their sense of worth and also to make any decision regarding the situation and the relationship.

Yes! The domestic violence marriage counselling definitely works because it helps the survivor to take in charge of their mental health. But it all depends on how well the client responds to the therapy techniques and how much of willingness they show to incorporate the changes in the thought or behavior that counsellor suggests!

Looking for Domestic Violence Marriage Counsellor?

We understand that taking a step forward for your mental health in such conditions can seem secondary, but we are here to make you understand the importance of counselling in marital domestic violence. Sign up and take a step towards your mental wellbeing with the best domestic abuse counsellor in the field. To sign up, please click here.  



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