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Divorce Counselling Service in Pune

The divorce rate in India till 2020 were 1%. Some of them are mutually done, but some marriages end up in a dark and ugly way. Divorce is still a taboo in our country, it is expected that a couple who have tried everything to save their marriage should still stay married even if they are not compatible in any way.

On the other hand, some marriages are ending because of few basic disruptions in marriages. At such times, when extended families or friends have a say in your marriage, one could not understand which path to choose- staying married or getting divorced and that ultimately affects their mental health too.

Understanding the need of it, WAITT has onboarded experts of marital counselling who also specialize in divorce cases. We have got some best counsellors in the field!

What is Divorce Counselling?

It is assumed that a counsellor helps client to take the decision of whether to stay married or to get divorced. However, that is not the case. The counsellors do not give in direct solution or their decision about divorce. Rather in such type of counselling, the counsellor helps the client to be psychologically strong so that they can take the decision themselves.

A lot of factors are involved when one decides to get divorced, but their thinking and decision making may get clouded due to other’s judgement. But a counsellor tries to understand the individual’s or the couple’s entire story and then they guide them on the right path.

Divorce counselling can be split into 2 parts-

1. Pre-Divorce Counselling:

Pre-divorce counselling, as the name suggests, is when couple is thinking about either separation or getting divorced. Here, it is checked whether the couple have tried the ways to understand their partner and do they need to go down this path. The analysis is done in a realistic way with help of different therapies and approaches.

2. Post-Divorce Counselling:

In post-divorce counselling, the counsellor helps the individual or the couple to get back on the track of resilience. Divorce can be a life changing situation; some people might get affected by it badly. Stress, loneliness can be factors, to name a few, which people could face after divorce. Dealing with mental wellbeing post-divorce is the main aim here.

Why Do You Need Divorce Counselling or Counsellor?

One needs a divorce counsellor or a marital counsellor because they are trained in this subject. They have an extensive and scientific knowledge about concepts of marriage and divorce. Moreover, they are trained to conduct a few therapies and approaches which helps the client to understand themselves more.

Apart from that, having a marital counsellor who is expert in divorce cases is immensely necessary because:

When to Get Divorce Counselling?

One can opt for divorce related counselling when they feel that they would like to of divorce as an option. It can also be opted when the couple has separated and who wish to part ways mutually. It is often said that a marriage is not just between two people, but between two families. Often issues an arise on family front post-divorce. So, this could also be the time when you can opt for counselling.

FAQs related to Divorce Counselling:

Taking decisions regarding divorce might not be easy. The amount of stress and tension that it can bring in is huge. In this process, a person can get saturated mentally. The mental exhaustion can lead to poor decision making. And hence, divorce counselling can help the couple to get to their decisions in a stress-free way.

Here are a few FAQs which might make you understand more about this topic:

Not necessarily. The counsellor analyses the differences between the couple and the couple’s willingness to give their marriage another shot. If that works out then the marriage might not end in divorce. There may be a few cases, where the couple might have reached the dead end. At such time, divorce could be an option but it shouldn’t be taken in a negative way. It can be viewed as a new beginning in one’s life!

It depends on the case. The counsellor doesn’t push the couple to try to save their marriage, neither does counsellor push the couple to get a divorce. The counsellor guides the couple in the direction that suits them.

We need to understand that marriage counsellors do not always guide you to save your marriage, because in some cases the damage goes beyond repair. Sometimes, it is not a damage in the marriage, but two individuals might find out that they aren’t compatible for each other.

Also, even if your marriage ends up in divorce after counselling then it doesn’t mean that counselling failed. You always find out something important about yourself in counselling, so there is no 100% failure in counselling!

This varies from case to case and the counsellor’s approach. The counsellor needs to understand whether the work needs to be done on emotional level or on thought level. Depending on that and on other factors, the counsellor decides the type of therapy for the couple.

Looking for Divorce Counselling Counsellor?

We understand that decision regarding divorce cannot be easy. The post-divorce mental health recovery can also be a bit difficult. But opting for counselling can help you in feeling better about the process and about yourself too. If you are someone looking for counselling for your marriage then click on book your appointment with our expert counsellor in the field!



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