One Healthy World Workshop

An Exclusive 90 Mins Online Workshop
with the best practitioners dedicated to harnessing your inner wisdom, deepening your self-descovery and
healing journey through these times of transition and uncertainty.

Meet the most amazing healer - Your Body | Dr. Cijith Sreedhar

Understanding the self-healing capacity of our body, the role of diet and gut in our overall health, and Post Covid Recovery.

Intimacy with Breath - The Rasa for Healing | Mirabelle D'Cunha Sivajyoti

Learn how to invite, ignite and allow prana, the life force to expand your vitality and give you an intimate experience of consciousness itself; Understanding Mantra as Pranayam.

Iyengar Yoga - Practice & Philosophy | Rajashree Tupe

A crystal clear understanding of the power and impact of Iyengar Yoga through the practice of Asanas

Sanskrit: Its Mantric and Psycholinguistic dimensions | Dr. Anuradha Choudry

Discovering Sanskrit as a Yoga in itself.