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Relationship Breakup Counselling Service in Pune

Are you someone who is going through a breakup? Are you feeling sad, confused, fatigued or even anger? One of the crucial aspects in breakup is not understanding how to deal with this turn of events, especially when you were extremely invested in the relationship, emotionally.

A mental health professional, such as counsellors and therapists, help people to deal with their relationship breakup, by providing support and different techniques. At WAITT, we have the top counsellors and therapists who are highly trained to provide counselling for relationship breakup.

You can avail our in-person counselling sessions, which take place in Pune.

What is Relationship Breakup Counselling?

Some couples stay together, some are in a long-distance relationship, some spend almost all their time with their partner. When this relationship between two people, who are not married, ends it is called a breakup.

The individuals, in a romantic relationship, get used to each other. Sudden emptiness when you are not in touch with your partner as you were before, can bring up a lot of negative emotions, which can be seen in one’s behaviour.

Sometimes the break up is mutual, but the loneliness may persist. Sometimes, the breakup could be one-sided creating distress to one or both the partners.

For some, the breakup could be a traumatic experience, for some its intensity might not be severe, but if the breakup causes a person to not focus on their daily life activities for a long time, then we can say that it is causing them distress. Coping and overcoming a breakup in a healthy way are the main goals of relationship breakup counselling.

Our Areas of Specialty in Relationship Breakup Counselling:

There can be various reasons for a breakup to take place. It could be because one of the partners was unfaithful, or because one of the partners felt that they have different goals than the other. Toxic relationship, no long-term goals and many more can be potential reasons for a breakup and our counsellors are well equipped to handle relationship breakup counselling case, with any reasons of breakup.

To help you understand our counsellors better, here’s a list of their specialization in relationship breakup counselling:

Why Do You Need Relationship Breakup Counselling/Counsellor?

Breakups can be very draining experience. Remembering the times when you were happy with your partner and realising that those times may never come back can make one experience a lot of unhealthy emotions. That’s why, the main reason for which one should opt for counselling post breakup is to know the different healthy ways to cope with the breakup.

Apart from that, other reasons for why one must consider counselling post breakup are:

When to Get Relationship Breakup Counselling?

Avoiding meeting friends, locking oneself in their bedroom, stress eating, frequent crying episodes, unhealthy coping with help of alcohol are few of the instances which may take place post breakup. Feeling sad for a limited amount of time and then accepting the breakup is normal way of coping with a breakup. But if the isolation and unhealthy ways of coping with a breakup goes on for a long time, then one should consider therapy.

You can opt for relationship breakup counselling if you feel your quality of life is deteriorating post breakup or if you feel that there is no support system, that is there is no one who can understand and be with you during this tough time.

FAQs related to Relationship Breakup Counselling

We realise that you would have many questions before deciding to go for a breakup counselling. To help you understand and know how to get ready for relationship breakup counselling, here are few FAQs related to the same.

After breakup, a person can feel a mix of emotions. Being vulnerable and having someone who can listen to them patiently can also be one of their needs. But this cannot be fulfilled by friends or family members because they might ask the individual to forget everything and move on, which is not healthy.

A counsellor provides a safe space for the individuals to talk about their relationship, their ex-partner etc., due to which the client feels light and good. Once they feel free, then using techniques to get over a breakup becomes realistically possible and easy.

If both the individuals are ready to work on their broken relationship, then yes counselling can help them. But for that, everybody needs to look at the relationship in a realistic way, that is; if an individual is in an abusive relationship and the abusive partner is ready to make changes in their behaviour only then the relationship can work.

In short, one needs to be practical and understand the pros and cons of getting back in a relationship that was already broken and then take the decision, of course with the help of counsellor.

Again, it depends on both the individuals, their willingness to work on the relationship where it doesn’t get toxic for any of the partner.

But if that is not the case, then accepting the breakup and learning ways to cope with it is the way to heal!

Looking for Relationship breakup Counsellor?

After reading about relationship breakup counselling, do you feel that you should go for it? Or do you have any friends, family members, acquaintances who could benefit from such type of counselling sessions? No matter how long ago the breakup took place, if it still affects you, then do not hesitate to go for therapy. Click here right away and book a session with our relationship breakup counsellor and star your healing journey now!



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