Dr. Yajyoti Singh
Developmental Psychologist
and Special Educator

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Dr. Yajyoti Singh, Developmental Psychologist And Special Educator

Dr. Yajyoti Singh, a PhD holder in social sciences, thrives to work in the field of child psychology. Dr. Singh has an experience of working in the field of counselling for over 25 years.

Her expertise lies in counselling, psycho-educational assessments, personality profiling, conducting teacher training and parenting workshops, mentoring and supervision for child development. Dr. Singh is Head of the school psychologist Department at Bishops School, Pune and she has also set up a ‘special education cell’ in the school.

Dr. Singh is relentlessly working against child sexual abuse and domestic violence and she is one of the advisory board members at ‘Muskaan’ which works against child sexual abuse. Along with this, Dr. Singh is proprietor and founder of ‘Chetana counselling centre’. She was also associated with Ruby Hall and Sahyadri Hospital, Pune and with ‘Maharashtra fellowship for deaf’ as a consultant psychologist. She has also worked as a lecturer at Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai and SNDT college, Pune.

Dr Yajyoti Singh

Dr. Yajyoti’s objective is to reach out and spread awareness about preventive mental health care and so she also works as a freelance workshop facilitator where she conducts teacher training, parenting, positive mental health and child development programs. Till now she has conducted over 700 such workshops.


Dr. Singh completed her Master’s in developmental psychology, after which she moved further to complete B.Ed in special education. Dr. Singh has completed a course in Rational Emotive and Behavioral Therapy from Albert Ellis institute. She later on pursued her degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in social sciences.


Dr. Singh is fluent in English and Hindi languages and conducts sessions with the clients who speak these two languages.


Areas of expertise

Knowing one’s counsellor is the right of every client and so, here are the areas of expertise of Dr. Yajyoti Singh which will help one understand her professionally as a counsellor.

  • Child counselling: Dr. Singh specialises in child counselling cases, wherein she deals with children of various ages and understands their issues. These issues can be developmental, behavioural, academic or social issues.
  • Parent counselling: Sometimes, along with children, parents too need to attend a few counselling sessions. This is so that the counsellor understands parents’ point of view of their child’s issues and also so that the counsellor can take parents’ help in enhancing the child’s treatment and Dr. Singh specialises in this as well.
  • Special educator: As a special educator, Dr. Singh caters to the children with special needs. She is a trained special educator who deals with learning disorders, delayed developmental milestones, physical issues and behavioural disorders that can be faced by the children with special needs.

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If you are looking for a highly experienced child counsellor for your ward, who specialises in numerous branches of child psychology and also has expertise with children with special needs, then Dr. Yajyoti Singh is go-to counsellor for you and your child.

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