Viren Rajput
Counsellor and Social Worker

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Viren Rajput, Counsellor and Social Worker

Mr. Rajput is associated with Arnavaz Damania’s Connecting Trust which is a suicide prevention NGO. He is working in capacity of a volunteer, helping the people who are in distress and/or feeling suicidal.

Mr. Rajput is also been a volunteer for ‘Prajit Self Help Group’ where mental and social support is provided to people who are diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety or who show symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, self-harm etc.

Along with working with mental health clients, he has conducted awareness sessions for schools, colleges, police department, State Reserve Police Force, Ngo’s, Nursing colleges, and for people in Slum communities. His mission is to spread awareness about mental health in our Society.


Dr. Singh completed her Master’s in developmental psychology, after which she moved further to complete B.Ed in special education. Dr. Singh has completed a course in Rational Emotive and Behavioral Therapy from Albert Ellis institute. She later on pursued her degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in social sciences.


Mr. Viren Rajput is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi languages and can conduct sessions with clients who speak one or more than one of the above languages.


Areas of expertise

Knowing one’s counsellor is the right of every client and so, here are the areas of expertise of Mr. Viren Rajput which will help you understand him professionally as a counsellor.

  • Psychological distress: Mr. Rajput has been working with clients who show symptoms of depression, low mood, uncontrollable negative thoughts, anxiety etc. He specializes in treating these symptoms and also the conditions by finding the root causes of the disease.
  • Self-harm: One can harm themselves when things get out of hand and they try to find a way to release the distressing and unhealthy emotions, but still cannot get that release. Mr. Rajput helps the client to understand where this need of self-harm emerged in the first place, its triggers and he also helps the clients to work on the guilt part that they might feel after harming themselves.
  • Suicide prevention: The next step after self-harm can be suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts. Again here, Mr. Rajput works on the root cause of the thoughts and helps the client in dealing with the areas in their life which might have caused them to have suicidal thoughts.
  • Post-suicide support: One may feel wide range of emotions, feelings and thoughts after their suicide attempt. Along with pre-existing issues that led to this step, one may feel other emotions such as regret, guilt, anger, sadness etc. because of the step they took. With years of experience in this areas, Mr. Rajput helps client and guide them to come out of this difficult situation and also helps them gaining psychological wellbeing.


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If you are looking for a counsellor, who specializes in conditions related to extreme psychological distress such as anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, self-harm, suicidal ideation or if you want to get guidance for your or somebody else’s post suicide support, then Mr. Viren Rajput would be the perfect counsellor for you.

To book and appointment with her, head on to-, go on to Mr. Rajput’s profile, select a date for your first consultation and your appointment with Mr. Viren Rajput will be booked!

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