Dr. Shirisha Sathe,
Counselor and Psychotherapist

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Dr. Shirisha Sathe, Counselor and Psychotherapist

A Master’s degree holder in Clinical Psychology and a PhD holder, Dr Sathe is a senior practising psychologist and brings in her expertise in the mind and body connection. Along with working as a practicing psychologist, Dr. Sathe was associated as an associate professor of psychology at FLAME university, Pune. She was also associated with SNDT college, Fergusson college and Sancheti Hospital, Pune as visiting faculty.

Dr. Sathe has been associated with various NGO’s keeping an aim of providing psychoeducation to normal population and help them to understand about their mental health as well as civil rights. She is associated with us as a counsellor and also an expert for our POSH course wherein she delivers lecture on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace. Dr. Sathe has years of expertise in domestic violence cases and is involved in building various groups in the society to fight against domestic violence, gender discrimination etc.

Dr. Sathe has given many years of her life in helping people understand the importance of mental health, and that is how she is associated with numerous NGO’s and Non-profit organizations such as Schizophrenic Awareness Association (SAA), Mawal Mahila Vikas, PRISM foundation etc.

As a psychologist, she has been working on adolescent and adult population, understanding their issues and guiding them well in the right direction.


Dr. Shirisha Sathe has completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Post her master’s she also completed a course on Hypnotherapy at Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in UK. Dr. Sathe also holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Spousal Violence.


Dr. Sathe is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi languages and can conduct sessions with clients who speaks one or more than of the above languages.


Areas of expertise

Knowing one’s counsellor is right of every client and so, here are the areas of expertise of Dr. Sathe which will help one understand her professionally as a counsellor.

  • Domestic violence: Domestic violence is an umbrella term which consists of various types of domestic abuse and Dr. Sathe specialises in understanding and knowing various psychological treatment for each type of abuse. Dr. Sathe conducts session not only for the survivor of the abuse, but also for the abuser if they are willing to change the abusive behaviour.
  • Marital therapy: Using different approaches, Dr. Sathe helps the married couple to start a conversation about the issues they are facing and she helps them to navigate through those issues to resolve the conflicts.
  • Couple’s therapy: Dr. Sathe also specialises in counselling the couples who are in a romantic relationship or are on the journey of getting married.
  • Anger management: Dr. Sathe has an extensive knowledge about the emotion ‘anger’ in an individual and between couples. She uses different, scientific techniques to counsel individuals and couples for anger management.

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If you are someone looking for a senior psychologist, with years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of psychological counselling and who specializes in marital therapy, couple’s counselling, anger management and in cases of domestic abuse, then Dr. Shirisha Sathe is your go to counselor.

To book and appointment with her, head on to book appointment section, go on to Dr. Sathe’s profile, select a date for your first consultation and your appointment with Dr.Sathe will be booked!

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