Dr. Juhi Deshmukh
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Dr. Juhi Deshmukh, Relationship & Psychological Counsellor

Dr. Juhi Deshmukh, along with being a psychological counsellor, is an academician and has been working in the field of academics and research for the past 12 years. Currently she is associated with Savitribai Phule Pune University an assistant professor of psychology.

Being an inquisitive researcher, Dr. Deshmukh has worked on various research projects as a Project Director and have published her researches in numerous National and International journals. Here areas of expertise in research are neuro psychology, positive psychology, clinical psychology and counselling psychology.

Dr. Deshmukh has conducted several workshops for various public & private organizations on Positive Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Leadership Skills, Teaching Effectiveness and Work Life Balance.

Dr. Juhi Deshmukh is also associated as a counsellor with Pre-litigation counsel, Family court, Pune. She has been working as a panellist for various government and private organizations. Dr. Juhi has also conducted numerous workshops on psychology for corporate offices, Government departments and for educational institutes.


Dr. Juhi Deshmukh has a completed her PG-Diploma in Psychological counselling and has cleared her NET exam. Post that, she completed her degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical psychology from Rajasthan University.


Dr. Deshmukh is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi languages and can conduct sessions with clients who speaks one or more than one of the above languages.


Areas of expertise

Knowing one’s counsellor is the right of every client and so, here are the areas of expertise of Dr. Juhi Deshmukh which will help one understand her professionally as a counsellor.

  • Relationship counselling: It includes understanding the difference between infatuation and love. Knowing healthy and toxic relationship patterns and behaviours. In relationship counselling, Dr. Juhi also focuses on making the individuals understand about intimacy and the issues regarding it. She guides the couple or the individual to have an open conversation with each other/with partner and helps them resolve the issues that they are facing in their relationship.
  • Individual counselling: In this type of counselling, Dr. Deshmukh deals with an individual to understand what the client is going through. The issues could be regarding their own self or issues that arise due to other relationships or elements.
  • Positive psychology: In these sessions, Dr. Deshmukh focuses on the elements of positive psychology such as gratitude, resilience, self-esteem etc. to enhance one’s psychological wellbeing.

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If you are looking for a counsellor, who specializes in numerous branches of psychological counselling, such as individual counselling, relationship counselling, couple’s counselling, and who uses different, highly researched, approaches for the counselling sessions, then Dr. Juhi Deshmukh would be the perfect counsellor for you.

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