February Report Campaign of the Month

February Report Campaign of the Month

The “Sakal Sobut Boluya helpline for counseling has communicated with six thousand eight hundred people who have been able to talk freely and taken guidance on various mental health problems. This platform has completed seven months of the initiative with spontaneous responses from all over the state. 

A team of 15 expert counselors – psychiatrists and psychologists have been providing psychological support to the callers on the helpline and providing them with 24-hour free counseling and guidance.

Depression is on the rise due to various causes of stress in homes and families, even in times of lockdown and normalcy. This helpline has provided a platform for people to express themselves and get proper guidance, so the “Sakal Sobut Boluya helpline has become a positive medium for those who face stress and problems.

Under the initiative “We Are In This Together” on behalf of Puneet Balan Group of courtesy and in collaboration with Center for Mental Health and Disabilities of Karve social service organization on Stress- stress management and overall Mental Health, Mental Health The Helpline ‘Sakal Sobat Boluya’ is a 24-hour helpline and has completed 7 months of giving advice and guidance. 

The number of male callers to the helpline is 61% 

The women in the class rate were 38%. 

Depending on the age group, the proportion of people in the age group of 18 to 29 is 11% and age group of 30 to 49 is 29.1% and age group of 50 to 69 is 31.1 %, and people over 70 years of age as 7%.

The proportion of people of other ages were 9 % wherein 4 % of the population was urban, 4 % of the population was semi-urban 2 % of the population was from rural areas. Also among the callers, 42.1% were graduates and the proportion of post-graduates was 6%. It was followed by highly educated, primary-secondary educated, and diploma holders.

Out of six thousand eight hundred, there were personal working-class people on the helpline (30. 5%) is in the first position, followed by housewives (13. 6%) who rank second. 

Students (10. 3%), business (10. 1%) ranked third. 

Also, the number of government employees and people who have become unemployed due to lockdown, unemployed people, farmers, workers in the unorganized sector are calling for help.

Many people who called were going through insomnia that caused relationship stress, extramarital problems, depression, financial problems, unemployment due to depression, anxiety, worry, and mental disorders due to the context of depression. 

Come connect with us, get guidance from the “Sakal Sobat Boluya” helpline on 020 – 7117166 or by phone at number 9 on talking freely with us. Your personal information will be kept confidential.


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